KC Labs Syrah

KC Labs Syrah

KC Labs Syrah

"Experimentation is what makes life and winemaking fun. We are constantly pushing ourselves, trying new things, testing new styles. KC Labs is all about the constant adventure that is life, and the trials and errors along the way. Let's try an experiment together, eh?" - Jordan Kivelstadt, Wayward Son

Eco Terreno is the largest biodynamically farmed contiguous vineyard in Alexander Valley. The vineyard incorporates cover crops, bee gardens, husbandry and limited water usage. Larry Venturi is a 3rd generation farmer tending to vines planted on his family's historic site in Calpella (Ukiah), in Mendocino County. The vineyard is farmed Certified Organic. Syrah is a famously vigorous variety, which ripens quickly and shortly after veraison (when the baby grapes turn from green to red). This makes farming and pick decisions especially important for Syrah growers, the wines can go from under ripe to overripe at a blink of an eye.

Varietal: 100% Syrah

This wine was made using Carbonic fermentation, like the wines of Beaujolais. We destemmed 5% of the grapes at the bottom of the tank. The following 95% grapes left whole cluster (stems and all) over top. The wine was then blanketed with CO2 and held at cool temperatures for 8 days (70F). Our winemaker preformed 1 very gentle pump over per day. This was not to achieve extraction (the traditional use of a pump over), but instead was to just wet the dry grapes on the top of the fermenting tank. This ensures that the aerobic (oxygen loving) bacteria are kept out, keeping the wine from into vinegar. After 8 days the wine was pressed to barrel where it finishes primary fermentation. It is aged in neutral barrels for 6 months where it finishes malolactic fermentations prior to bottling.

Look for Blueberry with pepper spice notes. Palate is a little deeper than electric Kool-aid; Bright, purple, it captures the true color of Syrah skins. Light body with tiny tannin, punctuated by acid that pulls everything through. Energetic, fun and always ready to start the party... that is our KC Labs Syrah!

We legally are not able to ship to: Alabama, Mississippi, & Utah

$27 2020 Syrah Bottle