KC Labs Gravignon Blanc

KC Labs Gravignon Blanc

KC Labs Gravignon Blanc

"Experimentation is what makes life and winemaking fun. We are constantly pushing ourselves, trying new things, testing new styles. KC Labs is all about the constant adventure that is life, and the trials and errors along the way. Let's try an experiment together, eh?" - Jordan Kivelstadt, Wayward Son

Eco Terreno is the largest biodynamically farmed contiguous vineyard in Alexander Valley. The vineyard incorporates cover crops, bee gardens, husbandry and limited water usage.

Gowan's family has been growing apples and pears on this farm for 6 generations- since 1876. Sustainable and organic practices are used throughout the orchards. The cider is Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Organic.

Varietals: 50% Sauvignon Blanc & 50% Gravenstein Apple

Gravenstein juice is trucked over from our good friends at Gowen’s just after pressing. It is blended and co-fermented with whole cluster Sauvignon Blanc. Naturally fermented in neutral French oak. It is filtered prior to bottling to help maintain the natural malic acid of the apple cider.

When it comes to thinking outside the box you can't think further outside than this. Combine apple cider from an ancient orchard and old vine Sauvignon Blanc… what do you get? Apple Wine and it's pretty darn tasty! Its cider… its wine… its awesome!

We legally are not able to ship to: Alabama, Mississippi, & Utah

$27 2021 Gravignon Blanc Bottle