Old Wyve's Tale Carignane

Old Wyve's Tale Carignane

Old Wyve's Tale Carignane

"With age comes experience, resilience, and beauty. These ancient Carignane vines twist up from the earth, looking like a withered old crone, but when you taste the wine, the vine's inner beauty shines through. The gnarlier the vine, the sweeter the fruit!" - Jordan Kivelstadt, Wayward Son

Blended with grapes from the Cooley Ranch in Alexander Valley & Venturi Vineyard in Mendocino.

Cooley Ranch is Certified Organic, head trained and dry farmed. These gnarly old Carignane vines were planted in 1877, making them the oldest Carignane in California.

Larry Venturi is a 3rd generation farmer tending to vines planted on his family's historic site in Calpella (Ukiah), in Mendocino County. Planted in the late 1940’s, this nearly 80 year-old vineyard is still amazingly healthy and productive. The vines are head trained and have been dry farmed since inception. The vineyard is farmed Certified Organic.

Varietal: 100% Carignane

The Old Wyve's Tale is an expression of California winemaking and terroir with a subtle nod to Carignane's origins in the south of France. Grapes from two vineyards were fermented seperately and blended prior to elevage. Both lots were fermented with ambient yeast in order to preserve they typicity of their distinct vineyards. 40% of the clusters were left whole while 60% were destemmed over the top. The fermentations were punched down only once a day in order to wet the cap. The idea is to gently extract flavor and tannin, while coaxing along a passive carbonic fermentation. This brings a combination of subtle and lifted flavor and aroma with a masculine backbone brought on by the whole cluster. Ten months of aging in neutral French oak helps to bring the two sides of this wine into harmony.

This Carignane has richness on the attack yet finishes brightly thanks to the acid profile of the old-vine Carignane. There is a fantatic balance of fruit and earth, which is characteristic of Carignane. The addition of California terroir makes this wine's fruit enliven the entire drinking experience. There is a distinct minerality on the nose, with hints of raspberries and dried herbs.

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$35 2018 Carignane Bottle