Sibling Rivalry Estate Pinot Noir

Sibling Rivalry Estate Pinot Noir

Sibling Rivalry Estate Pinot Noir

"The first born always has a special seat at the table. As my younger brother once rose to challenge me for that seat, so has the new 3 acres of Pinot Noir, grafted in 2011, taken on the established and noteworthy Estate Syrah. This Pinot is leaner, meaner, and more acidic than the Syrah... much like my brother." -Jordan Kivelstadt, Wayward Son

The Kivelstadt Vineyard is located 4.5 miles northwest of the small town of Glen Ellen. This shallow and well-drained soil is formed from weathered metavolcanic material. Rock outcroppings are all over the vineyard, and this unique shallow soil is a trademark of many of the greatest vineyards in the world. The drainage helps us to ensure the perfect amount of water stress, which helps the vines produce the best grapes possible.

Why did the Kivelstadts choose Glen Ellen as their vineyard’s home? They love old world wine, so only the coolest region in Sonoma would do. While planting the vineyard in 1997, the Kivelstadts decided to plant multiple Pinot Noir clones on multiple rootstocks. This brings complexity to the blend of Pinot Noir picked from different blocks of the 10 acre vineyard. Kivelstadt Cellars makes every decision with one goal in mind: making the best wine possible. Stylistic winemaking decisions do not start in the winery, they start in the vineyard. Not pulling leaves in the fruit zone, pruning late to stretch out fruit ripening and spraying neither herbicides or pesticides are a few examples of farming decisions that ensure ripeness at lower sugar levels. The vineyard is farmed organically.

Varietal: 100% Pinot Noir

This wine was fermented in an open top fermenter and 35 percent of the grapes were put in whole cluster. The tank temperature was raised to 85 degrees Fahrenheit and the fermentation moved forward without the addition of yeast. The free run juice went straight to barrel in which natural malolactic fermentation occurred. The wine was aged in 20 percent new French oak and 80 percent neutral French oak for 10 months prior to bottling.

The Kivelstadt Estate Vineyard Pinot Noir is a cornerstone of the Kivelstadt Cellar’s portfolio. This old-world style Pinot Noir is restrained and elegant. It is a serious wine from a serious piece of land, which shows beautifully on day one and has the structure to get better and better. The wine is a brilliant ruby red. It has aromas of black raspberry, cherry-cola, Asian spices and dried flowers. It offers a vibrant palate with red and dark berry flavors, with hints of tomato vine and dried spice. The wines acid pulls through to the finish with notes of vanilla bean, dried flowers and anise.

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